The Best VR Games Of 2021

VR or virtual reality has always been a major attraction for game enthusiasts, but until very recently also, the VR headsets were far too pricey and not easy-to-use. Today headsets are being designed to make them less-dependent on external hardware. Game developers are coming out with first-party gaming options which exploit the VR medium to the maximum. This virtual world is accessible through any normal VR headset and it can be easily purchased with bitcoin. To know how to deal with digital currency or buy bitcoin, check kjøpe bitcoin, which is a detailed guide that lets you know how to buy bitcoin.

Top VR games in 2021 that you can choose from:

  • Everybody’s Golf VR: This exciting game if meant for golf addicts and can be played using the Playstation VR. You can play on any of the 3 courses which come with this package alongside a virtual caddie. For those keen to hone their golfing skills, you can use the putting green or hit a few balls on the virtual driving range.
  • Ghost Giant: Playable on Playstation VR, this game makes you help a young cat called Louis and villagers in an imaginary town Sancourt. All players will become ghost-like figures that can interact with game settings for solving puzzles and finishing tasks.
  • Danger Goat: You can play this VR game on Windows Mixed Reality platform. A goat’s life is not easy, as people who have played Goat Simulator earlier, are aware of. Danger Goat may be less bizarre, but there are robots, missiles, and traps to make an escape more challenging.
  • Thumper: Here, you play as a space beetle and your job is to hit the track pads correctly when shifting lanes and stay away from enemy attacks and danger spots. When you have successfully completed the first stage, you can move onto the next or aim for a better score.
  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission: This VR game is played on Playstation VR and is action-packed. Here, you are to rescue crew members scattered all over space. Comprising of 26 challenge levels and 20 main levels, this adrenaline-pumping game is sure to keep your hooked onto it for many hours. The game exhibits 360-degree worlds, providing multiple weapons, like water guns, hook shot, and throwing stars.
  • Budget Cuts: Here, cost-cutting robots will try to end your employment using any means at their disposal. Your job is to fight to save your job by using stealth tactics and aggressive violence.
  • Beat Saber: This may be a music-and-rhythm game but with twists. In this game, you must find your way through songs using virtual laser swords. While the music is playing, the game will generate patterns of color blocks on your screen which you have to hit using the right controller every time they slide towards you. The game is hard-to-play while being seated and it will keep you on tenterhooks throughout.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (PC): Even if you do not have headsets, the breathtaking views and elaborately-designed aircraft on this flight simulator game makes it worth the while. Since you have a first-person view given by the helmet, you can see all the switches and buttons right before you and enjoy a never-before-this flight experience on taking off and landing. This game gives you the freedom to customize controls; so, if you just want to relax as you play you can let it do all the hard work for you. But if you desire more than just causally flying around, you can be an actual pilot and take over the wheels.

These are some exciting VR games that you can try out this year; make sure to check for their compatibility with your device. At the same time, there are crypto games, which are equally becoming as popular as VR games. Because crypto games let the players earn cryptocurrency for free just by playing. And the earned cryptocurrencies can be easily withdrawn via exchanges, with which you can buy stocks. Having a look at this buy stocks Germany guide to learn more about buying stocks using cryptocurrencies.